Churro Pancake Poppers                                      
Crispy dolce du leche donut holes with maple brown butter syrup

Sunny Side Grits		   		            
Soft white cheddar corn grits with sunny side egg, Andouille sausage, spicy sunrise sauce, scallions, cracked black pepper.

B3 (Breakfast Belly Bombs)     				    
Crispy tots, bacon lardons, white cheddar cheese sauce, Sunny Side egg, chipotle aioli, scallions.

That’s a fancy omelet 					    
3 egg chive omelet stuffed with caramelized onions, fingerling potatoes, swiss cheese, spinach topped with micro greens

The O.G. B.E.C                                              
The original with thick cut Applewood smoked bacon, sunny side egg, and American cheese, with ketchup, salt & pepper, Whole G roll

The Hangover 						    
Folded omelet with American cheese, griddle sausage, hash brown patty, bloody Mary ketchup, on Whole G roll

Steak & Egg						    
Sunny side egg, over 5 oz shaved steak with aged white cheddar, topped with chive hollandaise and crispy onions on Whole G Roll

B-B-B-Bennie Egg & Cheese                                   
Sunny side egg topped with aged white cheddar, sliced ham and chive hollandaise on Whole G roll

The Truffle Shuffle					     
Folded omelet patty with Italian Alpine Truffle Cheese, prosciutto, and roasted wild mushrooms on Whole G Roll

Garden Party 						     
3 egg scramble with tomatoes, onions, wild mushrooms, peppers, scallions wrapped in spinach and herb tortilla wrap with feta cheese and sundried tomato aioli 

                             Lunches & Breweries
Vegetable Spring Rolls                                        
Served with chili lime agave honey

Cacio de Pepe Mac & Cheese Fritters		              
White Cheddar, black pepper mac & cheese bites crispy fried with truffle aioli

Shrimp Po'Boy Tots 					      
Crispy Tater Tots with crispy fried shrimp topped with crisp slab bacon pieces, andouille sausage, diced peppers, onions, tomatoes and with chipotle aioli and scallions

Truck Tot-Ch-O's 					      
Crispy Tater Tots with seasoned beef, jalapeno, onions, tomatoes and topped with queso fresco, avocado aioli and scallions

Mushroom Poutine                                              
Crispy fries topped with wild mushroom gravy, chunks of extra sharp VT White Cheddar, roasted shitake, oyster and portobello mushrooms

Truffle Grilled Cheese    				      
Italian Alpine truffle cheese, Prosciutto, truffle aioli on griddled thick cut Whole G Bakery sourdough

The Town Green						       
Crispy chickpea falafel fritters, mixed greens, feta cheese, cucumbers, roasted shallot dressing wrapped in a spinach and herb flour tortilla wrap

The Baja Chicken                                               
Chili Lime grilled chicken, mixed greens, shaved red onion, chipotle aioli, queso fresco in sundried tomato herb flour tortilla wrap

The Joe Exotic Mushroom Burger	 		               
Cracked pepper seasoned angus beef patty topped with roasted shitake & oyster mushrooms, swiss cheese, with truffle aioli on toasted bun.

The Mac Truck Burger 						
Smoked BBQ Glazed Angus beef patty, topped with white cheddar mac & cheese, crispy onions on toasted Whole G Bakery Roll 


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