Churro Pancake Poppers                                      $6
Crispy dolce du leche donut holes with maple brown butter syrup

Sunny Side Grits		   		            $7
Soft white cheddar corn grits with sunny side egg, Andouille sausage, spicy sunrise sauce, scallions, cracked black pepper.

B3 (Breakfast Belly Bombs)     				    $8
Crispy tots, bacon lardons, white cheddar cheese sauce, Sunny Side egg, chipotle aioli, scallions.

That’s a fancy omelet 					    $6
3 egg chive omelet stuffed with caramelized onions, fingerling potatoes, swiss cheese, spinach topped with micro greens

The O.G. B.E.C                                              $6
The original with thick cut Applewood smoked bacon, sunny side egg, and American cheese, with ketchup, salt & pepper, Whole G roll

The Hangover 						    $7
Folded omelet with American cheese, griddle sausage, hash brown patty, bloody Mary ketchup, on Whole G roll

Steak & Egg						    $8
Sunny side egg, over 5 oz shaved steak with aged white cheddar, topped with chive hollandaise and crispy onions on Whole G Roll

B-B-B-Bennie Egg & Cheese                                   $6
Sunny side egg topped with aged white cheddar, sliced ham and chive hollandaise on Whole G roll

The Truffle Shuffle					     $7
Folded omelet patty with Italian Alpine Truffle Cheese, prosciutto, and roasted wild mushrooms on Whole G Roll

Garden Party 						     $7
3 egg scramble with tomatoes, onions, wild mushrooms, peppers, scallions wrapped in spinach and herb tortilla wrap with feta cheese and sundried tomato aioli 

                             Lunches & Breweries
Vegetable Spring Rolls                                        $6
Served with chili lime agave honey

Cacio de Pepe Mac & Cheese Fritters		              $7
White Cheddar, black pepper mac & cheese bites crispy fried with truffle aioli

Shrimp Po'Boy Tots 					      $16
Crispy Tater Tots with crispy fried shrimp topped with crisp slab bacon pieces, andouille sausage, diced peppers, onions, tomatoes and with chipotle aioli and scallions

Truck Tot-Ch-O's 					      $12
Crispy Tater Tots with seasoned beef, jalapeno, onions, tomatoes and topped with queso fresco, avocado aioli and scallions

Mushroom Poutine                                              $12
Crispy fries topped with wild mushroom gravy, chunks of extra sharp VT White Cheddar, roasted shitake, oyster and portobello mushrooms

Truffle Grilled Cheese    				      $10
Italian Alpine truffle cheese, Prosciutto, truffle aioli on griddled thick cut Whole G Bakery sourdough

The Jersey Turnpike 					       $12
Seasoned 5oz shaved steak griddled with caramelized onions, topped with white cheddar cheese sauce, house pickled jalapenos, crispy onions on Whole G roll

The Town Green						       $11
Crispy chickpea falafel fritters, mixed greens, feta cheese, cucumbers, roasted shallot dressing wrapped in a spinach and herb flour tortilla wrap

The Baja Chicken                                               $10
Chili Lime grilled chicken, mixed greens, shaved red onion, chipotle aioli, queso fresco in sundried tomato herb flour tortilla wrap

The Joe Exotic Mushroom Burger	 		               $12
Cracked pepper seasoned angus beef patty topped with roasted shitake & oyster mushrooms, swiss cheese, with truffle aioli on toasted bun.

The Mac Truck Burger 						$14
Smoked BBQ Glazed Angus beef patty, topped with white cheddar mac & cheese, crispy onions on toasted Whole G Bakery Roll 


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